Dr. Pimple Popper

S3 | E2 | Airdate: 07/18/2019
Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, sees many people who have various types of skin ailments. She never knows who will come in on any given day and what she will need to do in order to help them fix their problems. Gerald has an intrusive, kiwi-size bump on his middle finger that is impossible to hide. He is constantly getting asked questions and being teased for it. As a new father, Gerald fears that if he does not get it removed, his son will be made fun of for it when he gets older. He already visited Dr. Lee, who reluctantly turned Gerald down for surgery, because the bump did not seem to be a dermatological issue. In the meantime, Dr. Lee has been on the hunt for someone to help Gerald and now he is BACK! Has Dr. Lee found someone who can finally assist Gerald or is he out of luck for good? Vinnie is a fourteen-year-old boy who was born with a birthmark on the side of his neck. It started small and has now grown to a size that has become embarrassing, especially for a teenager. The birthmark is dark, has bumps and white hair that grows out of it. His mom is pushing for him to keep it because she thinks it connects him to his late father, but Vinnie is ready for it to be gone. Vinnie is hoping that Dr. Lee will be able to remove this birthmark so he can feel like a regular teenage boy. Leta has a beautiful voice and uses it to sing in her church choir, but she also uses it as a coping mechanism for the lump on the back of her thigh. The lump is about the size of an orange, and she is humiliated by it. Every day she goes through a process to hide it underneath her clothes and even keeps it hidden from her fiancée. Leta is hoping that Dr. Lee will be able to remove this lump, so she can finally be free and get married with no reservations.

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