Love, Colin

2017 | 11 min | NOT-RATED
Colin is growing up. An overworked mother, a nosy sister, and a girl looking to get much closer are simple challenges. The difficult one? Collin's older half-brother, Zac. Estranged from the family after their father left, Zac returns home to stay. His presence is thrilling and exciting―but are they just the warm feelings between brothers or is it something more? Colin may not be certain of what he's feeling, but his mother, Jennifer, does notice. And that's a challenge that really will force Colin to grow up. Fast. Featuring stars Thea Gill(Queer As Folk), Dakota Daulby (Black Fly, Falling Skies, Enter the Warriors Gate) as Zac, and introducing Patrick Lubczyk as Colin. Their outstanding performances resulted in 5 short movie awards. Directed by Steve Parker of Cthulhu Crush Productions, and Red Castle Films.