2019 | 99 min | NOT-RATED
Documentary about Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd. Captain Paul Watson has dedicated his life to fighting for one thing: to end the slaughter of the ocean's wildlife and the destruction of its ecosystems. Co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Shepherd, Captain Watson is part pirate, part philosopher in this provocative film about a man who will stop at nothing to protect what lies beneath. Director Lesley Chilcott (Inconvenient Truth) and producer Louise Runge bring us incredible archival footage from decades of Watson's activism braided with personal stories and beautiful underwater sea life footage to tell the story of a true champion for the environment. Informative, moving, and disturbing, Watson is a must-see for anyone who is concerned about the future of our oceans and the planet. Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival on April 25th 2019.