Wibbly Pig

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S1 | E26 | Airdate: 07/01/2010
STRING: Wibbly finds a piece of string on the floor and wonders where it goes, so he starts to wind it into a ball. The string changes colour, type and strength and along the way Wibbly begins to discover all the different things string can be used for. First of all there is a line of washing - all the clothes hanging on a string - then he helps a clown who needs a belt and even Tiny Pig who wants to put up a swing! But what's at the end of the string? All we know is there is a strange click clicking sound.... HOME IN TIME FOR A TREAT: Wibbly wants to get home to Grandpa Pig who has a special treat for him. Grandpa Pig doesn't want him to be too early - but Wibbly wants to get there as soon as he can to be sure he doesn't miss anything. But there always seems to be something getting in his way... a giant who has lost his chicken, a clown who is desperate to sing his favourite song, and if that wasn't enough two elephants have fallen asleep on the pathway! Wibbly manages to get them all out of his way - but when he gets to Grandpas he realises they might be more involved than you'd think!