My 600-Lb. Life

SN 8 | EP 3 | Bethany's Story

Bethany Stout has relied on food to relieve the discomfort in her life, ever since she was a child with a mother she could never really rely on to help her feel safe and secure. Partially with the help of food, Bethany overcame a tumultuous youth and became an addiction counselor with her own practice as an adult. But she couldn't have gotten there without the help of food, and now her desires to keep eating have resulted in a weight gain so severe that she can no longer maintain her practice. At more than 600 lbs., Bethany can barely move, so she has trained her two daughters -- Isabella, 18, and Zowie, 10 -- to ply her with food all day long. And even though she knows enough about addiction to see that the path she's on leads to a dead end, she also knows that without Dr. Now's program she might never find a way to stop gaining weight. But if Bethany thinks that weight loss surgery will be a magic solution that will solve her food addiction, then facing the emotional core issues that drive her to eat, will be a challenge far greater than she is prepared to face, and there might be nothing Dr. Now can do to help her.

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My 600-Lb. Life
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