My 600-Lb. Life

SN 5 | EP 6 | Milla

3 years ago, Milla weighed more than 750 pounds, and she was bedbound, with her kids taking care of her. Now, after weight loss surgery and two lymphedema removals, Milla has already lost 500 pounds. But, none of it will be worth it, if she can't get up and walk by herself without the help of a walker, so that she can not only take care of herself, but so that she can take care of her 5 kids the way a mother should. No one is more determined than Milla, now in her 4th episode, to change her life and start doing all the things she never thought she would be able to do when she was stuck in her bed. Milla has long since shown Dr. Nowzaradan that she has the will to change, but final steps of Milla's path will be some of the hardest yet, and she will have to overcome tremendous pain and difficulty to reach her goal of being one of the most remarkable transformations Dr. Nowzaradan has ever seen. But if she can't push past the pain, it's a slippery slope back to where she was, unable to leave the bed, with her children waiting on her hand and foot.

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My 600-Lb. Life
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