The Detectives Club: New Orleans

SN 1 | EP 6 | A Deal with the Devil

With only her intuition to guide her and virtually no evidence, NOPD Detective Cate Beckett faces one of the toughest and most emotional cases of her career. When the body of 36-year-old Jennifer Schmidt is found in her New Orleans apartment, the hairdresser's death is initially classified as a heroin overdose. But Beckett has an uneasy feeling and just can't shake her hunch that Jennifer was murdered. Since the crime scene wasn't processed for fingerprints or DNA, finding evidence proves tricky. The coroner's photos suggest sexual assault and a cryptic clue in Jennifer's journal eventually leads to a local drug dealer with a violent past. Detective Beckett is convinced she's found Jennifer's killer. But catching him will require a new identity, an undercover operation, and nerves of steel.

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The Detectives Club: New Orleans
Season 1