SN 3 | EP 10 | Dragon's Fall Fail/ Dragon Goes Apple Picking

One cool, crisp, late September day, Dragon is out in his yard when Ostrich comes by with a gift for Dragon: a basket of tomatoes that he grew himself! Then, Mailmouse arrives with a jar of yam soup that she made from her yams in the garden. Soon after, Alligator comes by with an apple pie he had made for Dragon. When Beaver sees all of this he exclaims that it looks like they are having a "Fall Fair," which is when Farmers get together with their harvest and have an outdoors party to celebrate the first day of fall. Beaver describes the fair as having scarecrow-making contests, hay rides, apple-biting games, and sometimes even a fun house. So dragon gets to work decorating for the fair, and he even pretends to be a horse in order to give his friends a hay ride! They make their own versions of scarecrows, play a pumpkin rolling game, and even play inside dragon's homemade funhouse. After they have a big yummy dinner, they finish the day with some Square Dancing. The Fall Fair had been different than any that Beaver had known, but it was Dragon's very own special fall fair. It was a great way to say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall. Dragon goes Apple Picking: One day, dragon sits at his table and eats a nice tasty apple. He decides to pick a nice apple for each of his friends, so he goes out to the apple tree in his yard. Dragon hopes the apple he picks is very tasty, so he ends up taking a bit out of every apple he picks. Not wanting to give his friends apples with big bites in them, Dragon decides to pick four more for each of them (if he's not too full to move!). Dragon starts to pick the apples and the first three are easy to pick. However when dragon tries to pick the fourth apple he finds that it's just out of reach. Dragon stretches way up on the tip of his toes, but the apple is still too high. He decides to huff and puff and blow the apple out of the tree, but the apple doesn't move. He decides to blow harder, but that doesn't work. He decides instead to shake the tree. The apple doesn't fall! He decides to wait for the apple to fall down on its own—but after waiting a long time, the apple still isn't falling, and he is now very hungry! He wonders if he scares the apple, whether it will fall. He hides behind a bush and jumps out. The apple still isn't falling, so Dragon decides he has to be scarier—a scary face to go with his scary noise. Dragon even puts on a costume to be scarier, but the apple stays put. "Hanging in a tree must be more fun than I thought," decides Dragon. Ostrich comes by and the apple finally falls. Now Dragon has four apples for all of his friends! He hands an apple to Ostrich, and goes off to find his other friends.

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