Popular Mechanics for Kids

SN 4 | EP 6 | On The Front Lines

Tyler joins the Skyhawks, which is Canada's elite parachute team and he gets ready to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet above the ground. Strapped to the back of one of the Skyhawk jumpers, he will be able to see exactly how these tandem jumps are orchestrated and the special skill it takes to execute such a daring adventure. These parachutists are trained to land these dangerous jumps to get medical personnel into remote areas where help is needed such as avalanches, floods, plane crashes an war zones. Vanessa takes to the skies of California to fly her own fighter plane in a high-speed airborne dog fight! She proves just how daring she can be when she loops, turns and rolls her own plane and then attempts to 'shoot down' an enemy aircraft with high-tech laser beams. Vanessa gets to operate an eight-wheeled army surveillance truck called the Coyote. Able to spy on targets up to thirteen miles away, the Coyote is a state-of-the-art surveillance vehicle used in both military and non-

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Popular Mechanics for Kids