90 Day Fiancé

SN 101 | EP 103 | Family Feuds

Falling in love is easy, but introducing your fiancé to your family can test the bonds of those relationships. Looking back at some of the biggest family feuds in 90 Day history, from meeting the family, dealing with parents, sibling rivalry, to new step-kids. The most explosive feuds will test each couple as they are welcomed to the family. Meeting the family can be overwhelming especially when coming from a different country. Anny is taken aback when meeting Bryson's grandmother, Corey scares Evelin's family with his black magic, Larry offends Jenny's family during dinner, Rebecca makes a shaky first impression on Zied's parents and Chantel's family feels disrespected by Pedro's mother. Sometimes the hardest person to win over is your fiancé's mother. Russ's mom gets upset with Pao at her baby shower, Mike's mom derails Aziza's bachelorette party, Kyle's mom grills Noon about her desire for a green card and Fernando's mom jokes about Carolina's experience with the Immigration officers. Impressing your fiance's siblings can be a lot of work. Melanie's sister grills Devar about his extracurricular activities in Jamaica, Elizabeth's sisters are upset at Andrei's controlling personality, Ben does his best to make a good impression on Akinyi's brother and Danielle's siblings confront Mohamed about his behavior. Coming into the role as a step-parent is never easy. Laura's son refuses to support her upcoming marriage, Molly's daughter is not quick to forgive Luis for his bad behavior, Daya struggles to maintain order with Brett's daughter and Darcey's daughters have an awkward first meeting with Jesse. Family tensions come to a boiling point. Leida asserts herself by kicking Eric's daughter out of the apartment, Mursel comes clean to his family about Anna's children, Brett's mother drags up old concerns at dinner with Daya, Colt's mom hits the breaks on her relationship with Larissa, and Chantel stands up for herself against Pedro's mom and sister.

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90 Day Fiancé