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SN 1 | EP 26 | Dot The Fire Dog; Morris' Disappearing Bag; A Letter To Amy

Dot, the fire dog, and her firefighter friends know exactly what to do when the alarm bell rings at the fire station. Children will know too, - plus a lot more – especially after they've heard Dot's fire safety tips at the end. Morris, the youngest child, is ignored on Christmas morning by his brothers and sisters. They're not interested in his new bear and they call him "too silly, too young, too little" to share their toys. But he discovers a present that he has overlooked and his day is saved. A Letter to Amy: Peter is having a birthday party. When he goes to mail the special letter he has written to Amy to invite her, something extraordinary happens that makes the little boy feel "all mixed up." Beautiful landscapes of the city fill the screen with colors that reflect Peter's Moods.

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Season 1