Minecraft Far Lands or Bust

SN 3 | EP 157 | #157 - The Green Flash

In Far Lands or Bust we are walking, without any cheats or mods, to the Minecraft Far Lands as a walk-a-thon fundraiser for Child's Play Charity! We're at 55% towards our new goal of $29,220.20 and you can contribute at http://farlandsorbust.com ! Far Lands or Bust is back from brief hiatus with tales of planetary transits, sci-fi movie monsters and magical bars with beers on tap as far as the eye can see. Thanks for watching! Like, favorite, subscribe, let me know what you think in the comments and help spread the word! Get Minecraft: http://www.minecraft.net FLoB texture pack by AxjZOne: http://youtu.be/Z1TikubLo1s

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Minecraft Far Lands or Bust