What On Earth?

SN 6 | EP 9 | Treasures of Monster Graveyard

SPACEASAURUS: Can the latest aerial technology uncover the world's lost dinosaur graveyards? THE DARK TOWER: A mysterious tower in Nevada holds the key to an event an event that killed 80,000 people. HANSEL AND GRETEL: Aerial archaeologists uncover the remains of a ghost village in a forest. Which of the Four Horsemen -- Famine, Disease, War or Death -- wiped it from history? MYSTERY TRIDENT: Satellites over the coast of Peru reveal a giant 2,000-year-old code etched into desert sands. Who put it here, and why? DEAD ISLAND: Orbiting NASA craft capture a disturbing scene: a tropical island turned into a barren wasteland by some freak event. What force turned this paradise into hell? SINKING CITY: Data from eyes in the sky high above Mexico City reveals its 20 million inhabitants are in extreme peril.

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What On Earth?
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