Religions of the World

SN 1 | EP 13 | Skepticism & Religious Relativism

Examine the role of philosophy and science in the universal quest to understand the "cosmic order" or purpose to life, and survey major Western thinkers, beginning with the Greek philosophers, Socrates and Plato. Discover how their ideas and questions about morality became the roots of skepticism and religious relativism, and later led to scientific work by Aristotle and Copernicus. This mode of understanding human existence propelled many waves of thought such as the Enlightenment led by Kant, which later fueled the science-based theories of Darwin and Freud, all of whom influenced Nietzsche, Sartre and other Existentialists. These philosophies, like various religious traditions, seek to answer the fundamental human questions about what gives life meaning, how morality is structured and what motivates human behavior.

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Religions of the World
Season 1