Long Lost Family

SN 5 | EP 9 | She's Gone

Summer (30) and Krys (29) were abruptly taken away from their young mother, when they were very young. Never knowing the true circumstances of why something like this could take place. Even though they had a great adoptive mother and keep a close relationship with her, they still wanted to know what happened to their biological mother. The sisters received letters from their birth mom after the adoption that has shed some light on the difficulties she faced as a single mom, but many questions remain. Summer and Krys have asked Chris Jacobs to help in their search for their biological mother, so that they may finally be reunited with her and receive the answers to the questions they\'ve always had. Pam (55) faced a difficult decision when she got pregnant with her third child. She was already divorced and struggling to support her two other children, and knew only one option was best for her and her kids. Pam made the difficult decision to place her baby for adoption. She was given several profiles of families to choose from and chose one family that she thought would be best for her baby girl. To this day, Pam wonders if her daughter not only went to the family she chose, but was this family actually the right family for her daughter? Pam has sought out Lisa Joyner, hoping she will be able to help locate her daughter, so that she can know for sure that the choice she made 32 years ago was the right one.

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Long Lost Family