Long Lost Family

SN 6 | EP 1 | Why Couldn't They Raise Us?

Norma (58) met the love of her life, Pedro, at the local pool when she was only 13 years old. They fell in love almost immediately. Before long, Norma became pregnant and due to her young age, was forced to place her son for adoption. Norma and Pedro were devastated but determined to stay together. They went on to get married and have 3 more children. Norma and Pedro always vowed to find their firstborn son, but tragically Pedro passed away a year ago before his son could be found. Now, Norma's daughter Crystal (34) is asking for Chris Jacobs' help to find the long lost family member and finally fulfill Pedro's dying wish to reunite the family. Identical twins Kim (51) and Kathy (51) were put up for adoption as newborns. They eventually spent 3 years in foster care. Although they were very loved and treated well by their adoptive parents, the twins always wondered about their biological parents. When Kim and Kathy's adoptive mother told them that their birth mother was 16, they got some idea of why she couldn't raise them. They still wanted to know more, but didn't want to hurt the feelings of their beloved adopted mother. After she passed away, they started their search in earnest. When they received their non-identifying paperwork, all of their pre-conceived ideas about their adoption went out the window. They were shocked to find out that their birth mother was actually 23 and their birth father 29. The twins were completely saddened to learn that their birth parents were completely old enough to raise them. It also stated that when their birth father found out that their mother was pregnant, he left. They hope Lisa Joyner can help them find out the answers to why they were placed for adoption and fulfill the much needed desire of being wanted by their birth mother.

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Long Lost Family